Carly Fiorina Reveals She’s Been Called ‘Bimbo’ And ‘Bitch’ On The Campaign Trail


DERRY, N.H. — There are eight major Republican candidates currently running for president. Only one of them — former Hewlett-Packard CEO — was excluded from Saturday night’s final before the New Hampshire primary.


Fiorina’s poll numbers left her just short of making the cut, as determined by a standard that ABC established with the Republican National Committee’s blessing.


The lone woman in the GOP race, Fiorina told us during a recent day we spent with her in New Hampshire that she suffers gender discrimination regularly on the campaign trail.


“All the words that I have been called as a secretary, as a CEO, I’m being called as a presidential candidate — you know, ‘bimbo,’ ‘bitch,'” Fiorina said. “People have said that when I tell my story I’m playing the gender card. No, I’m not. I’m just telling my story.”


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